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in Dublin, Leinster, Ireland
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Marlin Selection
in Dublin, Leinster, Ireland
Permanent, Full time
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Javed Hussain • Recruiter
Posted by:
Javed Hussain
Primary accountability to ensure that the Network is healthy and functioning well to deliver application traffic over the Network. Requires collaboration, working on projects, testing in labs and in production, fine-tuning the network and providing recommendations to application owners and developers for optimum Network performance. Role requires experience and extensive knowledge on packet sniffing, TCP/UDP, behaviour of application protocols on the network, also requires the ability to analyze network traffic using various methods and techniques to be successful. Firewall, Load Balancing, Wireless, VOIP and high level of understanding of routing and switching required to be successful in this position.

Important Skills:

  • A strong technical background in key aspects of Network related IT infrastructure, including routers, switches, Network and Application protocols, Firewalls, DNS & DHCP services, LAN/WAN circuits, etc.
  • Must be strong at making necessary recommendations and following through with the entire process until implementation of Performance fine tuning is complete.
  • Experience using analytical and in-depth simulation/modeling tools like IT Guru/Ace Analyst are a must have for this position.
  • Experience using traffic generators such as IXIA to performance and stress test technologies in the lab.
  • Experience with using Matrix switches such as NetOptics Xstreams.
  • Experience in network QoS as well as analysis of various protocols and transaction types is a must with at least 7-10 years of solid Performance related work.
  • Expert knowledge in TCP/UDP and network protocol analysis.
  • Wireless skills and VOIP experience will be a definite plus.
  • Monitoring network proactive alerts relating to potential performance and capacity issues and report and remedy them before a real incident.
  • Analyze network traffic to understand application flows, impact to Network and vice versa, identify issues related to application performance and provide recommendations for optimal use of the network and to mitigating risk.  Recommend applications/protocol tweaks where appropriate.
  • Manage and monitor IPSLA probes relating to QoS classes.
  • Maintain sniffer Tool’s Application and Business Group currency.
  • On Call
  • Determine the performance impact of application moves using Predictive analysis tool.
  • Application Network Impact Assessments to mitigate Network risk.
  • Contribute and provide consulting to the Performance Centre of Excellence (PCoE) risk assessment and application profiling process (Retail).
  • Increase network availability by proactively identifying potential risks to networks/services/applications and initiate appropriate levels of support and escalation.
  • Problem/Incident Determination support.
  • Generate appropriate network performance alarms based on KPIs.
  • Create custom reports and foster ongoing discussions with Engineering and Planning as driven by Performance needs.
  • Develop new and improved processes around Performance Monitoring  for existing and new technologies as introduced from time to time, e.g., Wireless, VOIP, VIDEO etc.
  • Participate in QoS traffic profiling and consulting on QoS mapping.
  • Assess and report upon all areas of the Network that require Performance management and planning, e.g., Firewalls, Load Balancers, Distributed Directors, International locations, etc.
  • Application Network Profiling to identify performance enhancements.
  • Provide LoB/ITS Project support
  • Work with Network as well as Client (LOB) Architects to stay on top of Network plans and application projects coming down the pipeline.  Plan and assist to prepare the Network and monitoring tools for new projects from a Performance standpoint.  Assess Network Sniffer, Matrix and TAP requirements, to feed into the PE Tools Team.
  • Work directly with client areas and also with the Relationship Managers while keeping abreast with client issues, plans, projects, reporting requirements and work towards delivering recommendations to mitigate Risk.
  • Provide Consulting on testing new technology from performance perspective; decide on KPIs, thresholds and procedures for monitoring, alerting and reporting.
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