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One of the most senior hedge fund managers at Pine River Capital Partners once wrote a seduction guide for introverted men.

Hedge fund manager who wrote seduction guide for nerds is going it alone

Not all hedge fund managers are hyper-masculine men in pursuit if a warrior physique. Some are introverted, sensitive 90s guys, keen to espouse their qualities to potential mates.

A case in point is Franklin Parlamis,who worked as a partner within Pine River Capital Partners’ convertibles fund for the past ten years until he launched his own fund Aequim Alternative Investments earlier this month.

Parlamis is also an author. Before he started out in hedge funds he wrote a book called The Passive Man’s Guide to Seduction in 1996.

The premise, we understand, is that there are plenty of women who are not seeking out an alpha male, and that nerdy, techy men don’t have to try and emulate the traits of more ‘masculine’ competition in order to win a mate.

Parlamis, who has a Masters degree in statistics from Yale and a Bachelors in Mathematics from Princeton, may have moved on from the sentiments in the book. He was, after all, the most senior executive on the West Coast of the U.S. for a multi-billion dollar hedge fund – these things have some sway with the ladies.

Nonetheless, in the new macho era of Donald Trump, the premise of the book seems more relevant. Parlamis’ book touts the qualities of the classic ‘sensitive 90s guy’, but maybe they were never really appreciated anyway.

This is from an Amazon review: “He argues that Passive Man's qualities of being ‘real, kind, passionate’ and ‘honest’ will now become hot commodities, but the average man, the passive, non-Donald Trump man, has always had such qualities in abundance, and he got perpetually rejected as a result.”


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