Skills you’ll need to work in global custody

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You won't need a particular degree to work in global custody, but some prior finance knowledge will help. Maths will be useful if you want to work as a fund accountant, and a computer science qualification will be beneficial if you want to work in technology.

You'll also need soft skills. Global custodians are usually very collegiate environments, where teams come together to deliver customer solutions. "If you love to get your head around complex problems and if you love change, you will love global custody," says Alexandrine Lefevre, a product manager for clearing, custody and settlement at BNP Paribas Securities Services. "Our business is constantly evolving due to new regulations and technical changes."

She adds that you'll also need, "attention to detail, analytical skills and stamina!" Global custody may not be investment banking, but it's still hard work and you'll need to be passionate about the job.

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